• The coombs family farm, originally called pineview farms, was  Est. in the late 1700's as a 167 Acre vegetable & dairy farm by William Alderman Coombs (John Sr.'s Great Great Great Grandfather).

  • 1955, George A. Coombs Jr. (John Sr.'s Father) sold the dairy, purchased more land, and increased vegetable production to sell potatoes and tomatoes to campbell soup company.

  • 1956, first irrigation was purchased and in 2015, almost all of our 1500 acres are irrigated with 18 center pivots and 8 hard hose guns.

  • 1957, george purchased 2 mechanical string bean harvesters, the first in the area. this was the start of the mechanization on our farm.

  • 1961, george built the first potato storage to supply campbell soup with fresh potatoes during the winter months. 

  • 1978, George with his sons, Jim and John, were farming over 1000 acres and were leasing 3 Storage buildings to campbell soup company for carrots and potatoes.

  • 1992, George A. Coombs Jr. passes away; Jim and John take over

  • 1994, first center pivot irrigation system installed.

  • 1999, Planted first 60 acres of sod.

  • 2009, Jim and john part ways, dividing 1200 acres. Coombs sod farms LLC was formed between John Sr. and HIs sons.

  • 2012 was a growing year for coombs sod farms in many ways. Donna's family farm was now included to increase land base to over 2000 acres (250 acres in sod, the rest in potatoes, corn, soybeans, spinach, kale and string beans).

  • today coombs sod farms farms 1500 acres and employs 11 full time employees, including 3 full time drivers and 3 part time employees. our sod can be found all along the northeast and new england areas. our potatoes are sold to gloucester county packing for fresh market and regional Potato chip companies in PA. We also grow spinach for seabrook brothers, which is processed and frozen.

We are proud to be the 9th generation farming this beautiful land in Salem county New Jersey.